About us

Our family lives in the wonderful St. Gallen Rhein valley countryside in Switzerland, right next to the boarders to Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein.

As long as we can think, pets had a very high importance in our life. Our dogs and cats do not only keep a space in our hearts but also are seen as family members.

Since 2008 I lost my heart completly to dogs. In 2016 , the first Australian Labradoodles moved into our home. This is just the perfect moment to thank Kim Kochman (Manor Lake Kennel) who made my dream come true. Thank you for your confidence and trust and thank you for these adorable dogs.

As dog instructor and owner of the „Hunde-Kompetenzzentrum“, I do all my best and use all my Know-How to fullfill our dogs needs. I guarantee to give our puppies a good and diversified socialisation.

With pleasure, we invite the future forever home families of our puppies to visit us in advance and meet this wonderful breed at our home.

Breed Standard

Athletic and graceful with a compact, medium-boned body. Should not appear heavyset nor overly fine. Coat is non-shedding and easy to manage.


Extremely clever, sociable, comical and joyful. Energetic when free and and quiet when handled. Should approach people in a happy, friendly manner. Keen and easy to train. Should display an intuition about emotional state of family members or handler’s current emotional state or needs. This ability to “know” is what has made the Australian Labradoodle an excellent dog for individuals with special needs. 


Trotting gait is effortless, smooth, powerful and coordinated in mature dogs. Should have a good reach in front and drive from behind for forward motion. Silent movement and light gait are essential.


Miniatur 35 – 42 cm 7 – 13 kg
Medium 43 – 52 cm 13 – 20 kg
Standard 53 – 63 cm 23 – 30 kg

Our dogs

Manor Lake Swiss Miss Cocoa aka Coco

Registration ALAA-046828
DOB 11. September 2015
Fell – coat Wavy fleece
Grösse – size Small Standard / 54 cm
Gewicht – wight 22,4 kg
Farbe – color Chocolate
Vater – sir Manor Lake Dom Perignon
Mutter – dam Manor Lake Real Housewive of Seattle
HD – Hip OFA good
ED – Ellbow OFA normal
Patella 0/0
DM free
EIC free
IC free
Gebiss – bite Schere, scissor

Manor Lake Zoe aka Zoe

Registration ALAA-048400
DOB 27. November 2015
Fell – coat Wavy fleece
Grösse – size Standard / 57 cm
Gewicht – wight 20,1 kg
Farbe – color red
Vater – sir Manor Lake Texas
Mutter – dam Manor Lake Joan
HD – Hip OFA good
ED – Ellbow OFA normal
Patella 0/0
DM To be tested
EIC To be  tested
IC To be tested §
Gebiss – bite Schere, scissor


Once in a time, our home will be enriched by some puppies. Our dogs are wonderful mothers and have maximum once a year a litter.

We expect our first ALD litter in May 2017 from Coco. The ultrasound examination was successfull and we are very excited.

Zoe will have her first puppies approx. in summer 2017.


Are you interested in an Australian Labradoodle puppy from our breed?

We are looking forward to your contact.

Sharon Schäfer
Rorschacherstrasse 114
CH-9450 Lüchingen
+41 71 761 05 90

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